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What should your marketing plan include?

A solid business strategy

The first step you need to take in preparing your marketing plan is to examine the big picture, the overall strategy. Take a look at your vision and mission, and the objectives you have for your company. Do you need to change your strategy? 2017 may need a different approach from 2016 due to the challenging demands in the upcoming year. You should set new goals for 2017 and allocate enough resources (people and money), to achieve those goals. Make sure the goals are specific and measurable (for example, get 1000 leads a month).

Polish up your branding with a new web design

Once you’ve set up your business strategy for 2016, you should review an important tool in your marketing toolbox – your website. Your website is where most customers will encounter your company, so it’s a vital weapon in your branding arsenal. Look at your new marketing goals for 2017 and see whether your current website will support those goals. Does it need a cleaner, more elegant or attractive design? Does the look of the website match the brand personality of your company and draw customers in to explore the website? If not, you’ll have to set aside time and money to revamp your website.

Devise your media plan

After you’ve made your website as attractive as possible, in line with your brand values, you’ll want to review ways you can let people know about your website. Advertising is one marketing tool which you can use to increase awareness of your business and your website, but it can be expensive and ineffective if done wrongly. You need to set realistic goals and make sure that you have enough money to reach those goals. If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider cost-effective advertising like Google Adsense, which can be highly targeted, rather than blowing your whole budget on one TV ad which might not be able to reach the right audience.

Streamline your processes by automating them

After you’ve examined how to optimise your advertising, you can consider looking at other investments as part of your marketing strategy for 2017. For example, you may want to consider investing in customised software. Customised software can help you manage customer data and customer interaction, automate marketing and manage vendor and partner relationships. By using customised solutions to automate your marketing processes, you’ll find an improved efficiency in your business.

Boost your marketing with mobile apps

Now that you’ve considered including customised software in your marketing plan for 2017, you may also want to look at another useful technology tool to boot your marketing efforts, namely, mobile apps. Worldwide mobile app revenue is predicted to hit US$101 billion in 2020, according to Statista. With figures like that, it’s logical to consider marketing your business by creating a mobile app for your business.

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