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Work From Home

Many of us has been affected one way or another during this COVID-19 pandemic. It has directly impacted how we live, work and play. Working from home is going to be the new norm.

Media Labs help ease your Digital Transformation and digitalisation process in a matter of days. From start to end, hardware and software, procurement to set up, we will assist you in every step of the way and ensure that its business as usual for your organisation.

There are *funding available for work-from-home arrangements:
Find out more at:
*Subjected to e2i’s approval.

What We Offer

  • Securing of laptops for your employees • Inclusive of setup to your preferred or required configuration specifications
  • Setting up of Virtual Private Network (VPN) for seamless access to physical server remotely
  • Integration with online file storage solution for productive virtual collaboration • We also offer assistance for enterprise-level organisations
  • Setting up of Communication Platforms (video conferencing)

We are here to help and answer any queries you might have. Please click below to email us for more information.